Hotel Chaco is an Albuquerque luxury resort designed by the international award-winning architectural firm, Gensler. A world leader in sophisticated, luxury design, Gensler's work is grounded in the belief that great design can make the everyday places people occupy more inspiring, more resilient and more impactful.

Hotel Chaco is Gensler’s first design project in New Mexico. The architecture fuses ultra-modern design with sustainable building strategies. The firm’s interpretation of Chacoan architecture is evidenced in the design of Hotel Chaco. In doing so, it honors New Mexico’s unique architectural history.


The Gensler design team traveled to Chaco Canyon to derive inspiration from the site’s ancient structures. Key Chacoan architectural elements such as precise stone masonry, vigas and latillas for rooftop structures and the buildings' alignment with the sun’s movements, are all incorporated into the architecture of our Albuquerque luxury resort.